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Things You Need to Know About Pitbull Puppies

It is normal for many people to think that so many breeds of dogs are pit bull. One would be in a position to single out a pit bull puppy from other puppies. One of the distinct traits of a pit bull puppy include its square head right from when the pit bull puppy is young. The loose skin on pit bull puppies tend to make their heads look like they have wrinkles especially around the neck area. However, it would be critical to note that the skin in question tends to spread out to the neck and cheeks as the pit bull puppy in question grows older. In the same manner, their pointed ears tend to fall forward and tends to remain that way for the rest of its life unless the ears in question are cropped. One would also need to note that most of the pit bulls tend to have their faces white with chocolate brown and white light brown circles around both eyes or at least one eye. There are some pit bull puppies that tend to have dark brown colors and white stripes which tends to extend to the nose.

There is also a difference between the body of a pit bull puppy when compared to other breeds. A pit bull puppy tends to be relatively between 8 to 12 inches and averagely about 10 pounds. On maturity, the pit bull tends to grow to about 35 to 55 and extend to a whole 22 inches. It also tends to be normal for the puppies to be short legs with a large chest, a small pointless tail, and broader shoulders when compared to other puppies of its specific size.

It would also be critical to note that one can identify a pit bull puppy based on its coat. It would also be essential to note that most of the pit bull puppies tend to have a thick coat and shiny hair. It also tends to be normal for one pit bull puppy to come with up to three colors. One would need to note that the thick skin of the pit bull puppy never ceases even in its adulthood. The thick and shiny coat tends to remain with the dog even in its adulthood and also remain easy to groom throughout its life.

Raring of pit bull puppies is also a critical aspect one would need to consider before investing in them. It would be best for one to invest in pit bull puppies when he or she is eager to understand how to best nourish them as well as groom them. It would be essential for one to also conduct some research especially on how to groom and feed pitbull puppies for the best results.

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