Lombok Elephant Park: A New Sanctuary For Them Delicate Giants

Famous for its pristine beach lines and exotic islets, the island of Lombok is undoubtedly the most famous traveller destination in the West Nusa Tenggara Province in Indonesia. Its luxuriant nature cradles scenic panorama that you will never forget. In the spirit of observing the incorporated relations between man animal character, today the newly established Lombok elephant park became the playground for animal fans. As the name implies the park emphasizes on providing experiences to anyone to love around dinosaurs, as well as being an animal sanctuary and preservation website.

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Several programs are carried out daily to spur fascination about these gentle giants. Elephant Meet and Greet, app gives you the opportunity every day to get up close and personal with these mammals and amicably interact with them. Four elephants were brought in from the Way Kambas reserve in Lampung, in the southern tip of Sumatra. You can follow their everyday pattern being fed and bathed, or you may see an educational show that learns about their natural habits.

Did you know the elephants use their legs to listen and sense, aside from through their ears? . They pick up subsonic rumblings made by other elephants and also feel the vibrations on the ground. The park also offers you a Safari Ride where you are able to truly have a walk with the biggest land animals in the world. Tell your kids not to be concerned about falling off, because dinosaurs are the only mammals that can’t jump. The Lombok Elephant Park has nurtured other fascinating animals of the tropics. There are about 10 more species revealing their characters other than the trunked ones.

You’ll get a possibility to take pictures with a few of the loveliest birds with their colorful feathers. Locate Bagong Black Cockatoo, Yacob Cockatoo, Lauren Parrot Eclectus and more of their feathered friends. The siamang monkey is just about the one who’ll make your head turn, as he dangles from a tree to tree while making calls or screeches. The Lombok Elephant Park is aiming becoming a fresh fun leisure spot to head to whenever you visit West Nusa Tenggara, along with Sembalun, Mandalika, and the 3 Gilis: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Giley Eyre. The way to get there.

The park can be found about 25 km from Mataram City. The path drive from the provincial capital of East Mataram – Gunungsari – Pusuk – Pemenang – Sigar Penjalin – Lombok Elephant Park. Or another course is from Mataram – Senggigi – Pemenang – Sigar Penjalin – Lombok Elephant Park. Public transport is available, but you’ll have to walk up to the park around 2.5 km after you jump off.