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Start Contracting Check Government Public Procurement, B2G

When a government agency purchases supplies, goods, and services, it is called Government Procurement. Private business sectors are given an invitation proposal by the government for them to validate if they are able to provide the required service or goods. If interested, the private business sector then responds by complying the documents needed and present their bid. It will then be evaluated by the government agency and the lowest bidder will usually get the contract. This is the legal way according to guidelines.

Often times, these kinds of government procurement involves a large sum of money. With large money comes large profit hence these private business sectors are into this. Services and supplies may come in many different forms and value. Therefore, going through a bidding process is a must. Income is certain that when a contract to provide service or good to the government is won. And if you are a small business or new in the market, you will be intimidated by those that are already ahead. So what can a small time business do to keep up with the competition? Consider this important information and it will, in the long run, be an advantage to know.

This is the government you are planning to have business with, therefore familiarize the rules set by the government.

Know the details of what the government is trying to purchase or what are the kind of supplies they need.

Be quick to grab opportunities and be attentive to government offers. Government agencies offer many programs that help small business firms get into the limelight.

Take time to attend government events and check on activities of this kind that attracts the procurement community.

Aim to be abreast with other private business sectors and play a healthy competition.

Have a list of agencies in the government that can use the services you offer, start establishing connections and to work your way in securing a contract.

There are so many training opportunities that can be used to your advantage and company gain, aim for it.

Securing a government mentor will be a very big advantage. Work according to your pace and don’t compromise time.

To get the initial contract will be the hardest but will become a stepping stone to get the next. Establish trust and ensure that deadlines are met accordingly. An impression well-established will have an impact on the government for them to give you, the company, a good feedback for rendering the kind of service all the time.

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