What Makes Cloud Hosted Websites to Have a Faster Load Time

Have you ever wondered, on an average, how long would a user wait for a website to load? 5 seconds? 10 seconds? According to a study, nearly 47% users expect a website to load within 2 seconds and around 40% abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Google has also identified this trend and has started including load times as a parameter for page ranks in the search results. The underlying message is simple – if your website does not have a fast load time, then you carry a risk of losing existing and prospective customers. There are many factors that influence the speed of your website like optimized images, databases, videos, clean code, etc. However, most of these factors can be managed if you have the support of a web host which is designed for better speed.

As a site owner, you are aware that all the files required by your website are stored on a web server. Whenever a customer visits your website and accesses a page, the request is forwarded to the host server which subsequently forwards the files requested by the visitor. So, a slow host invariable results in a slow website regardless of a clean-coded website or optimized images/videos. While there are many hosting plans available, today I am going to focus on Cloud Hosting and explain features that make Cloud hosted websites to have a faster load time.

Features that make websites on Cloud Hosting faster

Here are the features of Cloud Hosting which allow websites to have faster load times:

No latency – In Cloud Hosting, the website has access to multiple server instances with independent resources like RAM, CPU, etc. Therefore, whenever one server is overloaded, the other servers share the load instantly. Hence the websites experience no latency.

Geographical Spread – Most Cloud Hosting providers ensure that their network spreads across different geographies. When a user visits the website, the server closest to him is used to fulfill the request leading to a faster response time.

Ceph StorageCeph storage is being preferred by many web hosts due to its fault-tolerance and high reliability. It is also known to improve page load speeds.

Caching Servers – The primary use of caching servers like Varnish Cache is to reduce the number of requests processed by the web server. The way caching servers work is simple – they store regularly requested data in their cache and use the stored data to fulfill further requests. This allows the web server to have more resources available at all times. Overall, it can enhance the speed of your website by up to 1000%!


In today’s market, there can be no excuse for a slow-loading website. As a site owner, you must take all steps to ensure that users have a great experience on your website – and it all starts with the loading speed. The equation is easy: Faster website equals to Happy Customers equals to More Business and Customer Loyalty equals to Better word-of-mouth publicity. If you are worried about the load time of your website, then you might want to consider migrating to Cloud Hosting without further delay.